Recruitment Software for Graduate Medical Educators

Designed for Residency and Fellowship Programs

Work Together While Working Apart

Residency interview season is a busy time of the year, and having to plan for it during the complex age of COVID-19 can make the process feel even more stressful.

RezRATE is ready to help.


When interviewers and administrative staff are spread out among different worksites, RezRATE helps ensure that team members have the information they need exactly when they need it. Everything is centralized and easy to locate.


Minimize paperwork and hand-to-hand interactions between staff and candidates. Just quickly import documents and data into RezRATE and digitally share the information instead.


Keep interview season running smoothly, even when the unexpected occurs. RezRATE updates in real time so that evaluators, staff, and candidates receive changes as they're made.

Don’t let the complications of COVID-19 catch you off guard this year. With virtualized interviews and evaluations being the new normal, RezRATE is a prefect fit. Ask us how we can help you stay organized, distanced, and adaptable while putting your virtual interviews on auto pilot. No complicated breakout rooms necessary!

Meet RezRATE, the one-stop solution for screening, scheduling, evaluating, and ranking residency candidates.

Are You Ready for Interview Season?

Are You Ready for Interview Season?

Weather you use ERAS, SFMatch, or another match platform, RezRATE is ready to help you manage your Residency Interviews and Fellowship Interviews.

RezRATE was created because we understand how exhausting residency candidate selection can be. Every year you have to screen applicants, send out invitations, coordinate schedules, compile informational packets, complete evaluations, organize feedback, prepare for and conduct meetings, and debate rankings. Making a good match takes time, but it’s worth the effort because each resident represents a huge investment your program is making in its future.

The annual estimated cost associated with training and supporting a single resident can range from $180,000* to $224,668**. Multiply that cost by each residency year and then multiply that total again by the number of residents you plan to support. The final sum might seem staggering, but it’s not unreasonable given all the ways residents contribute to a program’s overall success and reputation.

Because the stakes are high and candidate selection is so critical, you might be asking yourself:

The answer to all these questions is RezRATE, a suite of tools developed to help graduate medical educators make better decisions about residency candidate evaluation. RezRATE consolidates all your information into one place and simplifies every step of the process, from the invitations to the final rank list.


"The feedback received from the faculty has been glowing. They were asking how we found out about this program, why we haven’t been doing this all along, and strongly stating we should use this every year going forward! They were very impressed with the ease of use that translated well across all faculty levels including our most veteran members. Thank you for all of your help thus far in helping me learn the system and providing the needed materials to educate the faculty as well as the interview candidates on how to use the system successfully.

The whole RezRATE package has been AMAZING! From the ease of set up, streamlined applicant communication options, flexibility with the scheduling features, execution on interview day, superbly responsive system support service (I could keep going here), we are truly happy with the system and can’t believe that we’ve been conducting these interviews any other way. With all interviews going virtual and several options to choose from RezRATE provides the best possible experience for all participants and has certainly set the bar high for conducting virtual interviews.

Thank you for everything!"

Jennifer Schram, Training Program Administrator
University at Buffalo Neurosurgery (UBNS)
Fall 2020

"I just wanted to thank you for sending me the information for RezRATE and being so helpful and available throughout the interview season.

Seriously a life-saver in these ‘virtual’ times. I’ve gotten nothing but excellent feedback about the interview process, how smoothly things have been running, and how user friendly RezRATE is, from ALL parties (yes; faculty included!).

I always tell everyone that I am fortunate that you guys found my contact info, and am SO GLAD that I was able to get RezRATE implemented for our programs. I am not sure how I would have maintained any amount of sanity using only zoom, or any other platform.

The entire process from start to finish has been absolutely seamless."

Alyssa Hatch, Residency Program Coordinator
Houston Methodist Hospital
Orthopedic Surgery Residency
Fall 2020

“When I started to assist my department with recruitment, I was a senior administrative assistant with no previous experience or knowledge about what the process even entailed. Thanks to RezRATE, I was able to sail through my first recruitment season without any trouble. I can’t begin to describe how simple RezRATE was to use and how responsive Mike and Carl were to my questions. Their software made it so easy for our team to view and edit candidate information. Everything we needed was located in one central place.

Having that stress-free experience was one of the factors that encouraged me to pursue my interest in this field. I recently completed my second interview season using RezRATE. This time, however, I was a full-fledged program coordinator! RezRATE takes all the time and worry out of a recruitment season. I wouldn’t want to do this job without it. I fully recommend this program.”

Trisha Frick, Program Coordinator
UT Health San Antonio
Department of Neurosurgery
Spring 2020

“I have been a coordinator in Neurosurgery for 11 years now and was dreading another interview season, until today… Oh my goodness! This is SOOOO great. I just ran across the printing of everything – candidate schedules, candidate name tags, faculty schedules!!!! Everything that takes so much time to do manually is all right there for you at a click of a button! And it all looks so professional! You will be a godsend for every coordinator across the country!!! It’s the one program that really is developed for the coordinator!”

Lynne Hamann, GME Coordinator
Penn State Health
Department of Neurosurgery
Fall 2019

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**Ben-Ari, Ron, et al. “The Costs of Training Internal Medicine Residents in the United States.” The American Journal of Medicine 127.10 (2014): 1017-1023.