About RezRATE

Recruitment Software for Graduate Medical Educators

Learn more about what RezRATE can do to help your team get ready for residency and fellowship interviews:


Ready for Administrators

Managing everyone’s needs can sometimes feel like an impossible task. That’s why RezRATE provides administrators with the tools they need to make the candidate interview process simple and successful.

With RezRATE, users can:

Ready for Evaluators

No more digging through stacks of paper or struggling to consolidate feedback! RezRate has several features specifically designed to make your evaluators’ work quicker and more efficient:

Evaluation Form
Candidate List

Ready for Candidates

Picture it! Interview season is over and you’ve finally finished processing your candidates. You’ve chosen the best of the bunch, but one more step remains before a great match can be made. All those fantastic, top-tier candidates you carefully selected after hours of rigorous ranking? They still have to rank you too.

You only get one chance at a first impression, but don’t worry! RezRATE can help you make it the best one possible.

RezRATE enhances your program’s image by making sure your interview process is:

Quick and Intuitive

Candidates don’t have to negotiate lengthy phone conversations or email exchanges to select an interview date. We've simplified interview date selection.


Candidates get their own personalized schedules with real time updates, which minimizes the opportunity for confusion and miscommunication. With RezRATE, last-minute changes don’t create last-minute headaches.


Come interview day, you can greet your candidates with customized badges instead of hastily handwritten name tags. Make the interview process polished and personal to leave a lasting favorable impression.