Adding Attachments to your Email Templates

RezRATE allows you to upload files to include in your communications templates. These documents are intended for a wide audience and should not contain sensitive information. If you need to send information to a single candidate, we recommend utilizing your institutional email account for that purpose.

The attachments feature is intended to provide you with a tool for distributing files to a group of candidates.

From the Communications Tab, click the Attachment button:

Attachment button

From here, you can see existing documents that you have uploaded and add additional attachments (this menu will be blank if you have not used it previously).

Existing Documents

To create a new attachment, click the ‘New Attachment’ button at the bottom of the menu.

You can click the file upload box to browse for a file or drag and drop a file into the box to upload it. Acceptable formats are PDF, JPG, and PNG files.

Attachment Menu

The attachment name will automatically utilize the file name, but can also be modified after uploading the file.

Attachment Name

Clicking ‘Save’ will upload the file to the RezRATE file storage.

Edit Pencil

The ‘Pencil’ icon is utilized to navigate to the edit screen. Here you can delete, rename, or replace a file.

File upload

A few things to note:

  1. Each attachment has a direct link associated with it. If you modify an existing attachment, any message that contains a link to that attachment will now point to the new, updated file.
  2. If you delete an attachment, anyone who follows a link to that deleted file will be greeted with a generic message that the file is invalid or has been removed.
  3. Modifying the name of an attachment does not update its name on templates that contain a link to that attachment. Templates will need to be updated with a new link to reflect the new name if the attachment is renamed.
Insert Arrow

Clicking on the ‘Insert Arrow’ will place a link to the file into your template composition window at the location of your cursor. note that you can continue typing without closing the attachments dialogue, making it easy to place multiple links into a sentence or a list.

Example with menu
Preview Icon

The eyeball icon will take you to the attachment viewer so you can preview what a candidate will see when they click the link.

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