Anatomy of the Candidates Tab

Candidate Details

After you have imported some candidates, you will be able to review their information within the Candidate Details section of this tab.

The left side of this tab contains a search field with a list of all your candidates. You can filter the list by name or by different kinds of status and criteria.

Screenshot of Candidate Details tab

Once you have selected a specific candidate, their associated details will populate within the right side of the screen. You can review those details and make adjustments or upload new photos and documents. Relevant candidate information concerning waitlist status and past communications is also viewable in this section.

Additionally, you can manually select an interview session for your candidates (or unregister them) by using the ‘Register to interview on:’ selection.

Screenshot of Candidate Tab information on right side of screen.

Candidate List

Filter the candidate list using your preferred criteria or scroll through it to find the specific candidates that you want to select.

Select candidates individually by checking the boxes by their names or check the box at the very top to select the entire list.

Screenshot of Candidate List selection buttons.

After you have selected the candidates that you would like to manage from the list, you can:

  • Mark candidates for prescreen and invitation
  • Create and add tags for your candidates for organizational purposes
  • Delete candidates
  • Download candidate CSV
  • Schedule candidates for existing interview sessions
Screenshot of candidate list management options.

Import Data

From the Import Data section of this tab, you can upload CSV files containing candidate data or perform a bulk document import.

Screenshot of import data section of candidate tab.

For SF Match programs, generally there is just one document type: SF Match Application.

The Bulk Document Import option allows users to upload the following document types by default for ERAS programs:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • ERAS Applications
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statement
  • MSPE

Additional document types can be added from Settings – Candidate Settings – Document Types.

Please note that candidates must already be uploaded into RezRATE before the Bulk Document Upload option can be used.

The documents cannot be in a zip archive – Please extract the zip file (Right click and extract contents) prior to uploading.

The Print Materials section allows users to print the following documents:

  • Registered candidates by interview session
  • Facesheets
  • Candidate Evaluations or Prescreens

You can click the single box to select all the listed candidates or you can select them individually by clicking on their separate selection boxes.

Screenshot of Print Materials section of Candidate tab.
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