Anatomy of the Communications Tab

At the top left of the Communications tab you will find three ‘sub-tabs’; ‘Send Message’, ‘Manage Waitlist’, and ‘Communication History’.

Candidate Tab sub-tabs

Send Message Tab

On the Send Message sub-tab, you will find a selection of your candidates, along with a variety of ways to filter them, a template selection, and a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) template editor. As the name suggests, you will also send the selected email template to your candidates from this tab.

  • You will see your list of candidates on the left side of the screen. Each candidate’s information includes their name, picture (if uploaded), email address, date of interview (if registered), and a number of icons that depict various statuses for the candidate.
  • Above the candidates you will see two additional elements:
    • The top element is a search bar that can be utilized if you are looking for a specific candidate.
    • Just below the search bar is a filter bar. This can be clicked to allow you to sort by interview date or any of the available candidate statuses.
Search Bar
Candidate Filters

At the top of the panel which takes up the center and right portions of the screen, is the WYSISYG template editor.

  • The top item here is the template selection pull-down menu.
Communication Center Template Selection
  • There are a number of functions that can be accomplished from this menu:
    • Search for a template by name
    • Edit the name of a template
      • You will notice that there are two Templates that you cannot rename or delete:
        • Congratulations Notification and Waitlist Notification
          • These two templates are part of automated functions in RezRATE. The content of the message can be modified to anything your program will need, but they will always serve the same function: an automatic email response from RezRATE to your candidate indicating that they have either successfully registered for an interview session, or notifying them that they have been placed on a waitlist for one or more interview sessions. (Note that this automation can be turned off in the Settings Tab)
    • Delete a Template
    • Select Template to send or edit

To the right of this menu are three icons. From left to right, these are:

  • ‘Add a new Blank Template’
  • ‘Save Template’
  • ‘Copy Template’
'New Template', 'Save Template', 'Copy Template' buttons

Below the ‘Template’ line, you will find two additional fields:

  • From Email
  • From Name
From Email and From Name

These two fields indicate who your template will appear to have been sent from. (Note that these can be adjusted in the Settings Tab)

Below the ‘From Email’ and ‘From Name’ Fields you will find the subject line for the selected template.

Below the ‘Subject’ line you will find the WYSIWYG template editor. You will likely find the top row of icons to be familiar if you use other email applications, such as Microsoft Outlook. The icons include:

  • Bold, Italics, Underline, and Strikethrough
  • Font Type and Font Size
  • Bulleted/Numbered Lists and indention options
  • Justification options
  • Hyperlink tool (functions very similarly to Microsoft Outlook)
  • Insert Emoji/Images
  • Remove button
  • Undo and Redo buttons
Formatting buttons

Below the text options you will find the Merge Fields that can be used in RezRATE:

  • Candidate First Name
  • Candidate Last Name
  • Registration Invitation
  • View Schedule Button
  • Waitlist Info
  • Interview Date
  • Photo Upload Button
Merge Variable Buttons

Below the Merge Fields is the Template Editor itself. You can modify a new template from here, or modify a selected template.

Under the editor, there are 3 additional buttons:

  • Preview
    • Displays a preview of the currently selected template.
  • Send Test
    • Will send a test email to the user who is currently logged in
  • Send to ‘x’ Candidates
    • Clicking will send the selected template to the selected candidates. The number of candidates will be displayed on the button itself for your convenience.
'Preview', 'Send Test', and 'Send' buttons

Manage Waitlist

The ‘Manage Waitlist’ sub-tab consists of a session picker at the top (toggle to different interview sessions using the arrow buttons, or click the center button for more details), two display areas (left for waitlisted candidates, and the right for registered candidates), as well as buttons at the bottom of the page to fill in the registered candidates up to the registration limit (either the selected session or all interview sessions).

Waitlist Date Selection buttons
Interview Date Picker
Waitlisted/Registered candidate fields

Communication History

The Communication History sub-tab, you will find information on each email that your program has sent in the past. The list on the left of the screen provides a list of each email, as well as information about which candidate it was sent to, the time it was sent, etc. The larger section on the right side will display the email itself.

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