Anatomy of the Evaluator Portal

After logging into RezRATE, Evaluators are taken to the Evaluator Portal.

Screenshot of Evaluator Page.

This screen is broken up into three main areas:

  • Interview Session Field / Log Out
  • Evaluator Menu
  • Candidate Panel

Interview Session Field / Log Out

Screenshot of session selection tool of Evaluator Page.

Click on the Interview Session field to change your interview dates.

You can log out of the page by clicking on the red arrow button.

Evaluator Menu

At the center of the screen, you will see the Evaluator Menu.

This menu is broken down into four tabs:

  • My Schedule
  • Candidates (Number)
  • Incomplete (Number)
  • Evaluation
Screenshot of evaluator menu of Evaluator Page.

From the My Schedule tab, you will be able to run through your schedule for the interview session that you selected at the top of the screen.

The individual candidate entries will indicate if your evaluation for a particular person is completed, pending, or in progress.

Click on a specific candidate entry and their details will populate in the Candidate Panel located to the right.

Screenshot of candidates tab of Evaluator Page.

The next tab you will see is the Candidates tab, which lists all the candidates that the user has been asked to evaluate.

These entries can be sorted alphabetically, by evaluation status, or by university.

Screenshot of incomplete tab on Evaluator Page.

Within the Incomplete tab, the user will be able to see the candidates whose evaluations they have started but not yet completed.

Screenshot of Evaluation tab on Evaluator Page.

After the user has selected a particular candidate, their evaluation questionnaire will be loaded into the Evaluation tab.

When users have completed the evaluation, they can submit it by scrolling to the bottom of the tab and clicking on the Submit button.

There are other options located near the Submit button that can be considered if the evaluator is not able to complete the evaluation.

Screenshot of bottom of evaluation tab at bottom of Evaluator Page.

Users can indicate that they are unable to evaluate the candidate or that they believe that the candidate should not be ranked.

At the far right of the screen is the Candidate Panel.

When a user selects a candidate from the Evaluator Menu, that candidate’s information will be loaded into the Candidate Panel.

Screenshot of candidate panel on Evaluator Page.

From the Candidate Panel, users can select if they want to begin an evaluation, continue and evaluation, or modify a completed evaluation. Users will also be able to relevant candidate details, such as their documents, identification information.

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