Anatomy of the Evaluate Tab

Left ‘Administrator’ Panel

On the left side of the screen, you will see the Administrator specific portion of the Evaluate tab. This consists of two components: The session selector and the evaluator selector.

The Session selector is where you will be able to navigate to any session that has been created on the Sessions tab, or to the candidates who have been assigned to evaluators for the Prescreen process.

Session selection

Once you have selected a session or the Prescreen process from the drop-down menu, you can view the assigned candidates (if Prescreen is selected) or schedule (if a session is selected) of a specific evaluator by selecting them from the list.

Evaluator Selection List

A search bar is available to assist in finding a specific evaluator.

Right Evaluator Panel

Everything to the right of the session selection and evaluator selection is exactly as your selected evaluator would see when they log in and select the same session. When a session is selected, the default view will be to show the evaluator’s schedule. If Prescreen is selected, an alphabetical list of assigned candidates will be displayed. Selecting a candidate will show their available profile information to the right side, including selected fields and documents.

Evaluator Panel (Schedule)

By either selecting the ‘Evaluation’ tab, or the blue ‘Begin Evaluation’ button, you will be able to view this specific evaluator’s evaluation for this candidate. Please note: This is acting as this evaluator, and making selections on the evaluation will overwrite any given information by the evaluator, and will be reflected in the candidate’s score.

Evaluation Panel (Evaluation)

This is a wonderful way to check exactly what your faculty will see on interview day.

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