Anatomy of the Evaluation Status Page

On the Evaluation Status Page, you will be able to identify the status of each candidate’s evaluation, sorted by evaluator.

  • On the left side of the screen, you will see a vertical listing of the users in the program, including their photo (if it has been uploaded).
  • Each user will additionally have 3 lists associated with them, and the total number of candidates in each category for each evaluator:
    • A Red “Pending” list
      • Pending denotes any evaluation for which the user has been scheduled, but has not yet started.
    • A Yellow “In Progress” list
      • “In Progress” refers to any evaluation that the user has begun, but not yet finished. This can potentially include evaluations that the user is not on the schedule for, if they have selected the candidate and begun an evaluation from the alphabetical listing of all candidates.
    • A Green “Completed” list
      • “Completed” refers to any evaluation for which the user has filled in all required fields, and clicked the “Submit” button on the evaluation. This list may also include any candidates that the evaluator has selected “Unable to Evaluate” on their evaluation form.
Evaluation Statuses by Evaluator

There is the additional ability to filter the status page based on different criteria:

  • “Select All Dates” will show the status of all candidates who are scheduled to be interviewed (past and future interview dates are included here)
  • “Prescreen” will show all assigned prescreen candidates for the evaluators to which they are assigned
  • You are also able to select a specific interview session, which will display all candidate’s evaluation statuses for a specific session
Interview Session Selection
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