Anatomy of the Team Tab

The ‘Team’ tab is where you will manage your Administrator and Evaluator level users. New users can be created here, and users who have left your team can be removed here as well.

On the left side of the page, you will find the list of users, which includes a search bar at the top, as well as a filter that will allow you to easily find a profile that you could be looking for.

Search filter

At the bottom of the list, you will find additional buttons to allow you to add new user profiles to the list. The green ‘New User’ button allows you to generate a single user profile, while the blue ‘Bulk Import Users’ button will allow you to import the information for creating many profiles at one time.

The blue ‘Bulk Import Users’ button will open a new dialog that includes a link to download a .CSV template that can be filled out with the information of several users and then dropped into the drop area.

Team Bulk Data Import

Please note: the email address will become the user’s login name, and also must be accurate in order for the user to receive the ‘Welcome’ email, which can be sent to your users by clicking the ‘Key’ button next to their user profile name.

Team List

The ‘Key’ button has 3 color states:

  • Red: Indicates that this user has not been sent a ‘Welcome’ email so that they can create their password and login to RezRATE.
  • Yellow: Indicates that the user has been sent a ‘Welcome’ email recently, and disables the button so there isn’t a way to accidentally spam the user’s email account with duplicate emails. The button will transition to the next state after a short time.
  • Blue: Indicates that this user has been sent a ‘Welcome’ email. A blue ‘Key’ button can be clicked again to send the user another ‘Welcome’ email, which will function as a password reset.

The middle area of the Team tab consists of the selected user’s profile information.

Team Member Profile

Starting in the upper left of the user profile, you will see the user’s name, as defined in the fields in the middle of the profile. Below this there is a drop-zone, where you can drag and drop a .PDF or .JPG photo of the user. Alternatively, you can click on the drop zone to bring up a file browser in order to find and select a photo of the user.

Below the photo is the ‘User Roles’ section. This is where you can assign the 2 permission levels to the user.

  • Administrator: Administrator users have access to all settings within RezRATE. Please note: RezRATE recommends assigning a minimal amount of Administrator level users using the Principle of Least Privilege, which states that a user should be given the minimum level of permissions needed to perform their job duties.
  • Evaluator: Evaluator users are able to view their schedules, view candidates assigned to them, and conduct interviews in order to evaluate candidates.
  • Point of Contact: Point of Contact is not a permission level. However, this is a flag that RezRATE support uses in order to determine who within the program they should be contacted for various reasons. Please limit this flag to one or two primary Points of Contact within your program.

Please note that you can assign one, two, or all three permissions/flags to a user. If both Administrator and Evaluator are selected for a user, they will be asked to pick which function they will be fulfilling when they log in.

For example: If a user is assigned both the Administrator and Evaluator permissions and the user is logging in to edit a schedule, they would select ‘Administrator’ when logging in, because an Evaluator does not have access to this setting. However, on interview day, when they are logging in to perform candidate evaluations, they would select ‘Evaluator’ when logging in.

User Roles

To the right of the Photo area, you will find the attributes for the user. All attributes can be modified except for the email address. Because this is the user’s username, and tied into authentication, the email address cannot be changed. If you notice that an email address is incorrect, or needs to be changed, please contact RezRATE support.

Team Member Data

There are also additional Evaluator settings that can be set for the user:

  • Hide Candidate Scores: This setting will hide the ‘Candidate Data’ section on the evaluator portal. Any data that is selected in the ‘Candidate Settings’ -> Manage Fields will not appear in the ‘Candidate Data’ for this user.
  • Hide Candidate Documents: This setting will hide all candidate documents from this user.
  • Hide Evaluation Forms: This setting hides the ‘Evaluate’ tab from this user, preventing the user from contributing any evaluation scores, while still allowing the user to interact with candidates via the schedule.
Hide toggles

On the far right of the Team tab, you can manage focuses for the selected user. More information on using focuses can be found in our Focus Guide.

Focus Menu

Below the Evaluator Focuses, you will find two export options. Clicking either of the export options will allow you to download a .CSV file containing all completed Evaluations or Prescreens, depending on which button is clicked.

Evaluation Exports

In the upper right of the Team tab, you will find the ‘Deactivate User’ button. This will remove all permissions for the selected user, and set their status to ‘Deactivated’. You can filter to ‘Deactivated Users’ using our sort options, where you would be able to reactivate them. If you would like a user to be deleted permanently, please contact RezRATE support.

Deactivate User
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