Building a Schedule (Candidate Itenerary)

Some schedules can be quite complex – if you have questions about how to achieve your specific interview day scheduling needs, we recommend you schedule a time to meet with us by reaching out to RezRATE support.

To create or modify an interview day schedule for a given session, click the associated Schedule button from the Sessions tab.

Scheduler Button

When you go to the schedule for a session, you will be prompted to set a start time, interview duration, and passing period duration.

Schedule Wizard

You also need to select evaluators – Additional evaluators can be added, removed, or swapped out later, but you should only select one per room at this time. If you need multiple evaluators in the same room together, you can add that on the schedule directly.

Once you’ve clicked the Save button, you’ll be presented with the Schedule Grid with Evaluators across the top and times down the left side.

You can adjust your start time and default durations by clicking the “Time” header. 

Session Manager

You can add, remove, or replace evaluators by clicking the header on the column you want to adjust. You can also Delete the column if it’s no longer needed.

Swapping Evaluators

or Virtual Interviews, most programs utilize an All-Day meeting link.

All-Day Meeting Button
All-Day Meeting Link

The All Day Meeting Link is used as the default meeting for any custom events, flex events, or breaks on the schedule. This gives you an easy way to quickly add or update the URL in one place. If this link is left blank, candidates will not be given a button to visit the break room on their schedule.

Custom Events

Custom events can be utilized for a number of reasons. Typically they’re used for things like Welcome Meetings, Lunch Breaks, and other similar events. A custom event will be visible to all scheduled candidates and evaluators unless that individual is scheduled for a flex event or interview.

To create a custom event, click the associated time on the Time column and then select Custom Event.

Custom Event Manager

From this panel, you must enter an event title and the duration (if different from your default duration).

For virtual interviews, you can utilize the All Day Meeting Link or enter a custom link for each custom event you create. This link is where candidates and faculty will be taken when they click the Join Meeting button for the Custom Event.

When using the magic wand, candidates will not be placed over top of custom events, so you might want to have breaks added to the schedule. Here is an example of how you might configure a 10-minute break. Note that in this example, we’ve removed the passing period by setting it to 0 and the duration does not match our defaults. Non-standard durations will highlight in yellow. Alerts will be displayed if passing periods are removed or if URLs are missing and virtual meeting mode is enabled.

Adding Custom Events

Adding Time Slots (Rows)

You can add additional time slots to the grid by clicking on a time slot and inserting 1 or more time slots before (above) or after (below) the selected slot.

Adding Rows

You can also add to the beginning or end of your schedule from the Time header. This would be necessary if you have deleted all of your time slots.

Session Manager

Placeing Candidates onto the Schedule Grid

The fastest way to add candidates to the schedule grid is to use the Generate Schedule button.

Generate Schedule Button

Clicking Generate will show you a generated version of the schedule. If you like this version, you can click Accept New Schedule. If you aren’t happy with the schedule, you can click Regenerate to re-run the generation process. If you click Discard New Schedule, no changes will be made.

Generating the Schedule

Note that when generating a schedule, you’ll see the number of candidates in the header of each column indicating how many interviews are assigned to a given evaluator or group of evaluators. Each candidate’s name has a circle with the number of evaluator meetings assigned to those candidates. You can also pull up these counts by clicking the Evaluators or Candidates buttons above the grid.

Candidate Interview totals
Evaluator interview totals

Limiting Candidate Interviews

When generating a schedule, it’s also possible to limit how many interviews each candidate will receive.

Setting Limits
Generating the Schedule

Adding Evaluators

The Add Evaluators button allows you to add evaluators or show the Flex Events column.

Add.Evaluators button

Evaluators can be added as a group (Interviewing together in the same column) or Separate (Interviewing individually in their own column)

Adding Evaluators

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