Candidate Quick-Start Guide

  • Candidates do NOT create user accounts for RezRATE.
  • Accepting an invitation
    • Candidates are sent invitations from residency and fellowship programs.
    • The invitation includes a unique link to accept your interview. DO NOT SHARE YOUR LINK.
    • Click here for an interactive demo
  • Interview Day Schedule (Itinerary)
  • Schedule times are configured according to your device’s local clock settings.
    • Your schedule’s times are adjusted based on your location. If your device displays Central Standard Time (CST), all schedule times will be displayed in CST.
  • If meetings are to be conducted using Zoom:
  • You will receive an email with a link to your schedule.
    • This link is unique to you. DO NOT SHARE YOUR LINK.  This link should be considered personal information. 
  • Schedules are live.
    • Changes that are made to a schedule will appear within a few minutes. You will have an opportunity to see what has been altered. Any changes will be highlighted in red. 
    • The line on the left of the schedule will move to indicate the current time. 
  • Joining a meeting
    • The Join Meeting button appears only for the meeting that you will need to join.
    • When you join a meeting, you will be taken to a Zoom page that will prompt you to open the Zoom client. Again, we strongly recommend that you check to make sure you have installed Zoom onto your device prior to starting this process.
      • Note: Entering a new Zoom meeting will terminate any active Zoom meeting.
    • Details will be displayed for how to join audio via phone on your schedule.
      • Use this feature if you have any trouble with audio on your device 
      • While using dial in audio, make sure to mute your audio on your primary device (mic and speakers). 
      • If you do not see the card with alternate meeting connection information, please minimize windows on your desktop. It may have been hidden behind other windows.
    • Meetings will automatically terminate at the end of the interview block.  This is expected behavior. 
    • When a meeting ends, please return to the schedule to look for your next meeting.
  • Notifications
  • Use the “Join Break Room” button at the top of the page to join the break room at any time. 
    • This is where you can find department representatives and ask questions during your breaks.
  • What if something goes wrong?
    • Your first point of contact will be the Program Coordinator for the program with which you are interviewing.
    • If the issue is not resolvable by the coordinator, they will contact RezRATE directly. 
    • RezRATE has limited ability to troubleshoot Zoom or personal computer-related issues. 
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