Candidate Tags

Creating Tags

Navigate to. the ‘Settings’ tab.

Click the ‘Candidate Settings’ -> ‘Manage Tags’ sub-tab.

Settings Sub Menus (Candidate Settings -> Manage Tags)

Type the name of the tag you would like to create and then click the green ‘plus’ button to create the tag.

Note: Tag names are more useful when they are short and unique. Tags can be renamed even after applying them to candidates.

Tags menu

Candidates can be tagged en masse or one at a time.

To manage tags for an individual candidate, navigate to the ‘Candidates’ tab.

Candidate Profile

Select one or more tags to apply (or remove) and click ‘Save’.

Tags Selection Menu

Applied tags will appear in this same area.

To apply tags to multiple candidates at once, navigate to the ‘Candidates’ tab -> ‘Candidate List’ sub-tab.

Select the candidates you wish to add tags to or subtract tags from.

Click the ‘Tag Candidates’ button and select the tags you want to add or remove.

Click the green ‘Add Tags’ button or the red ‘Remove Tags’ button.

Bulk tag assignment

Applied tags are visible in the tags column.

Tags Column (Candidate List)
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