Creating an Interview Session

Adding an Interview Date Session

A session can be a day or a portion of a day. Some programs divide their interview dates into morning and afternoon sessions, while others will have one session that begins in the morning and ends in the late afternoon.

To add a session, start from the ‘Sessions’ tab. <Link to Sessions Tab Anatomy page>

Click the green ‘Add’ button at the top of the ‘Interview Sessions’ column.

Pick a date from the calendar picker.

Enter a Label.

Note: Labels are optional for single-session interview dates, however, they should be used if your interview date consists of more than one session, and are good for helping you set expectations for your candidates when they register. RezRATE recommends that you format your label with a start and end time, with a timezone.

For example: 8:00AM CST – 12:00PM CST

This formatting will inform your candidates of what time of day they can reasonably be expected to be present for an interview with your program. If your candidates should expect to attend additional events outside of this labeled time, they should be informed using our ‘Communication Center’ <Link to Anatomy of the Communication Center Tab>.

Click ‘Save’ to create the session.

Repeat the previous steps to create additional sessions.

Next, set the limit for the number of candidates you wish to be able to register for each session that you have created.

Note that when you create a new session it will be hidden by default, indicated under the settings column by a ‘red, crossed out eye’ button <Show Screenshot>. Before this date can be seen by candidates, you must un-hide it (green eyeball). <Show Screenshot> You may wish to to keep some dates hidden because you are unsure if you are going to need them, or perhaps, you have a date that is intended for a sub-group of your candidates, and will not be made available to the rest of the applicants. If a day is hidden, you can still manually register candidates for that session, but the date will not be a visible option when candidates receive their registration invitation.

Deleting an Interview Session

If you accidentally create a session you no longer need, you can delete it so long as there are currently no candidates registered for the session. If you need to delete a session that has registered candidates, you should first notify the affected candidates, then unregister or re-register them before attempting to delete the session.

Modifying an Interview Session

If you have an unexpected change and need to move your interview session, you can do so from the ‘pencil’ icon in the ‘Interview Sessions’ column. <Show Screenshot> You should be sure to notify any affected candidates about the change you are making.

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