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How to Change Your Interview Date Selection (A Candidate Guide)

Congratulations! You are being considered to interview at an institution that is utilizing RezRATE to help facilitate their interview process. You have received your invitation and have already made your selections.

You may need to change this selection for any number of reasons:

  • You are on the Waitlist and want to add more selections
  • One of your selections overlaps with an interview at a different institution
  • Your pet guinea pig has a veterinary appointment that day (we don’t judge)

How can you go about changing the selections that you have made?

The good news is that you have a number of options available to you.

Your first, and likely most convenient option is going to be to return to the original Registration Invitation that the program sent to you and click the ‘Register for Interview’ button again.

This will take you through the same process as before, but you will be able to modify your original selection.

Waitlisting vs. Registration

If you are currently Registered for an interview session and wish to be Waitlisted for a different session, you must abandon the session that you are currently Registered for. In RezRATE, you cannot be both ‘Registered’ and ‘Waitlisted’.


PLEASE NOTE: You may be greeted by this scary ‘CAUTION!!’ warning:

We do slot Candidates on a ‘first come first serve’ basis, however, this will be based on your original selection.

Contacting the Coordinator

You also have the option of contacting the Program Coordinator directly, either by email or by phone. In order to contact the Program Coordinator by email, you can reply to the Registration Invitation email that they sent you originally. The ‘Reply To’ address is also displayed at the bottom of the email:

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