Import Candidate Documents

See the ERAS Data Export Guide for instructions on exporting candidate files.

Please note: Candidate Profiles should be created (usually by importing a CSV or XLSX file) prior to importing candidate documents.

It is best to import documents in .PDF format. Formats such as Excel and Word documents will open the file in the corresponding application when selected by Evaluators instead of in a new browser tab.

Configuring Document Types

To configure document types, navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab.

Select the Candidate Settings -> ‘Document Types’ sub-tab.

Document settings (Candidate Settings -> Document Types)

You can add new document types, modify visibility, rename, and delete existing document types from this settings menu.

To delete a document type, click the red ‘Trash Can’ button.

To Hide a document type from Evaluators, click the green ‘Eyeball’ button. This will change the button to a red ‘Eyeball’ that is crossed out, indicating that the document is hidden.

To make a hidden document type visible to evaluators again, click the now red ‘Eyeball’ button. This will again change back to a green ‘Eyeball’ button, indicating that the document is visible.

To add a new document type, enter a new name into the ‘Add Document Type’ field, and click the green ‘Plus’ button.

Bulk Importing Candidate Documents

Note that Bulk Document Import is only available for files that are exported from ERAS or SF Match. The Files must not be renamed before uploading, as RezRATE utilizes the file name structure from these two platforms to match the files to your candidates.

To import candidate documents, navigate to the ‘Candidates’ tab and click the blue ‘Import Candidate Data’ button.

Import Data

Click ‘Bulk Document Import’

Select the document type that you wish to import.

Document Type Selection

You can click the drop area in order to browse your computer for the appropriate .PDF files, or you can drag and drop the files(or containing folder) into the drop area. Note that you must have the files in a folder, and not a .ZIP archive. If the files are in a .ZIP archive, you must first extract them to a folder.

Document Upload Field

Be sure to select the appropriate file type when uploading documents. A common mistake is accidentally overwriting one document type with a different document type. Should this happen, simply reupload the appropriate document with the appropriate document selected. RezRATE will overwrite the existing ‘incorrect’ document with the newly uploaded document.

After processing, you will get a confirmation page with the candidate and file names.

Post Upload Messages

If any files you attempted to upload were unable to be matched to a candidate, you will see a warning that some or all of the candidates could not be found. Please ensure that you have imported your candidate profiles prior to importing candidate documents.

No associated users

Manually Importing Candidate Documents

You are also able to import your candidate documents directly to the candidate’s profile.

This is necessary when not using ERAS or SF Match, and can be convenient when updating a small number of documents.

Navigate to the ‘Candidates’ tab.

Select the candidate you wish to upload documents for from the list on the left.

Click the ‘Documents’ tab on the candidate profile.

Candidate profile -> Documents

Drag and drop the appropriate document into the corresponding drop zone, or click to browse your computer for the file.

Placing an indevidual candidate documents on the Candidate Profile

This can be repeated for additional document types and candidates.

Files can be dragged to the ‘Replace Document’ button or the button can be clicked to browse for a replacement file.

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