Importing Candidates

RezRATE supports importing candidates from ERAS, SF Match, and additional data sources using a templated form.

To import candidate data, navigate to the ‘Candidates’ tab <Link to Anatomy Page>, and click the blue ‘Import Candidate Data’ button.

Click ‘Import Candidate Data’

You can click to browse your computer for the .CSV or .XLSX file that you wish to upload, or you can drag and drop the file in the outlined zone.

Note that RezRATE will use the AAMCID Candidate ID, or Email Fields as unique identifiers when executing imports. These Fields must be unique. Duplicate values will be assumed to be the same candidate.

When the import is complete, you will be presented with a list of imported candidates.

Note that on the confirmation dialogue box, you might see special attention alerts, such as candidates that have been marked as deleted being included in your import data, or candidates that have previously been imported that have now been updated.

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