Importing your Team (Users)

Adding your Team

The ‘Team Tab’ allows you to add users and assign ‘Administrator’ or ‘Evaluator’ roles.

To bulk import your faculty, administrators, and other users; click the blue ‘Import Users’ button.

Download the ‘Bulk User Template’ and fill in the information using Microsoft Excel.

Drag and drop the completed template to the drop zone (or click the drop zone to browse for the file on your system).

To add a single user, click the green ‘New User’ button.

Fill out the user creation form. Middle Name, Suffix, and Roles are all optional fields.

Note: You can assign the ‘Evaluator’ and ‘Administrator’ roles to the same user, but RezRATE highly recommends limiting the number of ‘Administrator’ users using the ‘Principle of Least Privilege‘.

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