Managing Evaluation Modes

RezRATE has two evaluation modes. Prescreen mode is used to determine which candidates should be sent invitations out of a larger group of applicants. Evaluation mode is utilized during interviews to determine which candidates should be ranked and in what order.

Settings tab - Evaluation Sub-tab

The prescreen process is optional in RezRATE. To enable or disable the prescreen process, navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab -> ‘Evaluation’ sub-tab.

Prescreen settings

In order to start your season with the prescreening process, make sure that ‘Prescreen Candidates’ is selected and the ‘Prescreen Questionaire’ is set to default.

Prescreen and Evaluation Settings

The default mode determines which questionnaire is presented to your evaluators when they log in. Note that the evaluation questionnaire is always made visible on an interview day regardless of which questionnaire is marked as default. If ‘Prescreen with RezRATE’ is set to ‘Presceen Candidates’ then evaluators can switch between modes regardless of which is set to default.

The ‘Enabled for Evaluators’ toggle is used to prevent interaction with the evaluation questionnaires, it is recommended that both questionnaires remain disabled until you consider your season to be open and active. This will allow you to make changes to the evaluation template before evaluators start interacting with the forms.

When the prescreening process is completed, the questionnaire should be disabled so that further changes cannot be submitted. Prior to your final rank meeting, you can disable the evaluation template so that no additional changes can be made to candidate evaluations.

When an evaluation form is disabled, evaluators are still able to view the form and any responses that they have entered, but they will be unable to make any further changes.

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