The Prescreening Process

To prescreen candidates, you must first:

  1. Enable Prescreen Mode on the Settings Tab – Evaluation Sub-Tab
  2. Mark questions on your Evaluation Template to be used on Prescreen
  3. Assign Evaluators to screen candidates

Enable Prescreen Mode

Navigate to the Settings Tab and select the Evaluation Sub-Tab.

Toggle ‘Prescreen Candidates’ from the Prescreen with RezRATE section.

Prescreen Enable toggle

Before evaluators can evaluate candidates, the Prescreen Questionnaire must be enabled for Evaluators.

Setting this questionnaire as ‘Default’ will make it load when evaluators log into the system, instead of the Evaluation Template. It is important to make sure the prescreen questionnaire is ready prior to enabling this setting, so you should come back here after finalizing your template.

Enable questionnaire and set default settings

Mark questions on your Evaluation Template to be used on Prescreen

Navigate to the Evaluation Template tab and make sure that at least some of your questions are marked to be used in your prescreen process. Note: Each program has different criteria for assessing candidates. If you need any assistance configuring your evaluation template, please contact us.

Assign questions to prescreen

Assign Screeners

Select one or more candidates and click the ‘Assign Screeners’ button. This will automatically mark your candidates with the ‘Prescreen’ status.

Assign Evaluators

Select one or more evaluators to assign to the selected candidates.

Click ‘Set Assignment’ to confirm the assignment. The number in the parenthesis indicates the number of candidates assigned to the evaluator. Note: You can use the ‘Remove Assignment’ button to un-assign Evaluators from their assigned candidates.

You can see the assigned evaluators in the ‘Prescreen Evaluators’ column in the Candidate List. The ‘Evaluator Count’ column indicates how many evaluators are assigned to the candidate.

Assigned Evaluator Count

When Evaluators log into RezRATE and have ‘Prescreen’ selected from their date selection, they can view their assigned candidates and begin to screen them.

Assigned Candidates

Removing a Candidate from the Prescreen Process

In some instances, you may want to remove a candidate from your screening process. In order to accomplish this task, simply navigate to the Candidate List and select the candidate(s). After they have been selected, you can click the ‘Mark Candidate’ button, and select the red ‘X’ next to ‘Prescreen’.

Remove From Prescreen
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