Sending Candidate Invitations

Navigate to the Communications Tab.

Preparing Automated Responses

Before sending invitations, you should review your automation settings. Navigate to the Settings Tab -> Communication sub-tab.

Automated Templates in Settings Menu

If you want to utilize RezRATE automation to slot candidates into available sessions and email congratulations and waitlist notifications, make sure ‘Automated Slotting’ is toggled to ‘On’. It is important to review the associated templates for Congratulations and Waitlist notifications. Changes to these templates can be made on the Communications tab.

Marking Candidates for Invitation

For a candidate to be ‘Pending Invitation’ they must be marked for invitation, and also must not have already been sent an invitation in the past.

Note: If the Prescreen process is disabled, all imported candidates are automatically marked as ‘Marked for Invitation’. You can skip to the next step.

If the Prescreen process is enabled, candidates must be marked for invitation manually.

To mark a candidate for invitation, navigate to the Candidates tab. From here, you can click the status popover for any given candidate and toggle ‘Mark for Invitation’.

Mark for Invitation from Candidate Status

Candidates do not need to be prescreened in order to be marked for invitation. One example of this is if your program extends invitations to all candidates who rotated with you. You might skip the screening process for this sub-set of candidates, and move them directly into the invitation pool.

If you wish to mark multiple candidates for invitation at once, you can do so by navigating to the ‘Candidate List’ sub-tab.

Make your selection of candidates and click ‘Mark Candidates’ and select the invitation checkmark. Note that there is an ‘x’ icon here that can be used to bulk remove the invitation status from the selected candidates.

Candidate List bulk mark

When sending invitations on the Communications tab, RezRATE provides a convenient filter – ‘Show All (Pending Invitation’.

Communication Center Filters

Select the candidates you wish to send an invitation, select the appropriate invitation template, and verify it has the necessary {RegistrationInvitationButton} merge variable.

Communication Center (Sending multiple candidates an email template)

Once you have verified the candidate selection and template are correct, click the green ‘Send to <X> Candidates’ button to email a unique message to each selected candidate. (<X> indicates the number of selected candidates)

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