Anatomy of the Sessions Tab

The Sessions Tab is where you can add interview sessions, set registration limits for each interview session, view the number of registered candidates, lock or hide interview sessions, and begin building your interview day schedules.

Show Past Interview Dates toggle

This toggle allows you to show or hide interview dates that occurred prior to the current date.

Past Date Toggle

For programs with many interview sessions, it can be convenient to keep past sessions hidden. Note that the season totals at the bottom of the tab include the values from the hidden sessions as well as all visible sessions.

What is a session in RezRATE?

A session can be a day or a portion of an interview day. Some programs will divide their interview day into morning and afternoon sessions, while other programs will have a single session that spans from the morning until late afternoon. If you choose to create multiple sessions on an interview day, it is vital that you provide labels for each session so that you and your candidates can determine which session is which.

Session Labels

A session label is optional for all-day sessions, but becomes significantly more important when offering multiple interview sessions on a single interview date. We recommend formatting your label similarly to the following: “8:00 AM CST – 12:00 PM CST”

Label and Date Picker Settings

Providing a start and end time as well as the timezone will assist your candidates determine which session works best during registration, and will also assist with keeping your program as organized as possible.

Delete a Session

You can delete a session that does not have candidates registered to it. This can be utilized if you accidentally create a session by mistake or decide that the session is no longer needed. Note that it is not possible to delete a session that has candidates registered to interview. In the event of an unexpected event, such as a snow day requiring an interview session to be rescheduled, you can modify the interview date but will need to communicate this change to your candidates using the communications center. There are no automated messages for this instance from RezRATE.


Registration Limit

This is the number of candidates allowed to register for each session. it is possible for you to manually over-book a session, however, RezRATE’s automation will stop allowing candidates from slotting into a session once its limit is reached.

Settings Column

The settings column contains 3 buttons:

  • Hide: This button controls the visibility of the session to your candidates. Dates are hidden by default and must be made visible in order for candidates to be able to view and select them from their registration invitation. A ‘red’ eye with a slash indicates that the session is hidden, while a ‘green’ eye indicates that the session is visible to candidates.
Hidden Session
Visible Session
  • Lock: If a session is locked, candidates are able to select the session from their registration invitation (if not hidden), but they cannot be slotted into that date through the registration automation. If a candidate has only selected a ‘locked’ session(s), they will only waitlist for that session or sessions until they are unlocked. Additionally, if a candidate is currently registered on a locked session, they cannot move to another interview session, or cancel their interview registration without intervention from a program administrator.
Locked Session
Unlocked Session
  • All Day Meeting Link (‘Gear’ button): This button is where you configure the ‘All Day Meeting Link’ for each session. Depending on your settings, this link is used in a variety of different ways.
All-Day Zoom Link
  • If your program is configured to use ‘RezRATE Managed Meetings’, the link is used for your custom events and as a breakroom.
  • If your program is configured for ‘Coordinator Managed Breakout Rooms (Single URL)’, then the link is used for all meetings on your schedule, unless specifically overwritten by a ‘Custom URL’ on a ‘Custom Event’ or ‘Flex Event’.
  • If your program is configured for ‘Coordinator Breakout Rooms (Multiple URL)’, then the link is used as the default for custom events and breaks, but a unique link must be provided for each interview room.

This button provides a variety of print materials that can be useful during your interview day. Many are specifically helpful for on-site interviews.

Session specific print materials


This button takes you to the Schedule Builder for the associated session.

Schedule button
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