Setting Evaluation Focuses

Focuses are utilized to limit which Evaluators are presented with specific Evaluation Prompts. If an Evaluation Prompt has no focus, it will indicate ‘No Limit’. This means the prompt will be presented to all Evaluators.

If a prompt has one or more focuses, it will be available to any Evaluator that has at least one matching focus assigned to them.

For example: If an Evaluator has a focus named ‘Professionalism’ and one named ‘Medical Knowlege’ assigned to them, they will be presented with all evaluation prompts with either ‘No Limit’, ‘Professionalism’, and ‘Medical Knowlege’. If a different Evaluator has no focus assigned to them, they will be presented with prompts that are marked as ‘No Limit’ only.

Creating Focuses

To create a focus, navigate to the ‘Settings Tab’ and then select the ‘Evaluation Sub-Tab.

Scroll down to ‘Manage Evaluation Focuses’.

Type the name of the focus you would like to add and click the green ‘+’ button.

Repeat for each focus you would like to create.

Focuses Menu

Assigning Focuses to Evaluation Questions

To assign a focus to an evaluation question, navigate to the ‘Evaluation Template’ tab.

Evaluation Template Focus Assignment

Select one or more focuses to assign to each question.

Assigning Focuses to Evaluators

Focuses can be assigned directly to Evaluators from the ‘Team’ tab.

Navigate to the ‘Team’ tab.

Select the user you would like to add focuses to.

Make sure the user is assigned the ‘Evaluator’ role.

User Role

Select the appropriate focuses that you wish to assign to the selected Evaluator.

Focus Selection

Assigning Focuses to Interview Day Schedules

Focuses can be assigned directly to a schedule. This is handy when Evaluators may be evaluating different prompt categories from day to day.

From the ‘Sessions’ tab, click the Schedule button for the desired session.

Click the header for the column you wish to assign focuses to.

Click ‘Room Properties’.

Select each Focus you wish to assign to the selected column.

Note that you can toggle on ‘Ignore Evaluator Focuses’ to only present the column focuses to the evaluator instead of the focuses assigned to the Evaluator.

Schedule Room Focus Assignment
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