Optimize Residency and Fellowship Rank Meetings

Note that the Rank Tool can be used for pre-screening candidates prior to sending invitations as well as for generating your final rank list.

The initial order is based on compiled evaluator feedback. Preparing for rank day is easy with RezRATE. No more compiling scores, crunching numbers, tracking down feedback, compiling or printing candidates packets, or creating PowerPoints. Simply verify that enough evaluations have been completed to provide meaningful scores and comments and schedule a date to bring your team together to discuss the results.

Utilize RezRATE to facilitate discussions and make adjustments to your final rank list. Keep your meeting focused and organized by providing quick access to candidate details, documents, and evaluator feedback all in one place.

Coordinators love that RezRATE eliminates hours of prep work and evaluators love that these efficient Rank Meetings can take much less time.

Rank Tool Features Include: