Screen Applicants and Generate Invitation Lists

Screen Applicants and Generate Invitation Lists

Create custom evaluations using criteria unique to your program. 

Screening candidates is similar to evaluating candidates. A screening template might contain some of the same questions as an evaluation template, but wouldn’t include items that require interviewing the candidate. Conveniently, if an evaluator is involved in the screening process and later interviews a candidate, any evaluation criteria that exist on both forms will be pre-populated!

RezRATE makes it easy to assign evaluators to screen residency and fellowship candidates to determine which applicants should be invited to interview.

Screen Candidate Evaluation Template

Import and incorporate ERAS data or SFMatch data, such as USMLE, COMLEX scores, Couples Match, or Poster Presentations.

Screen shot of Scores and Awards menu

RezRATE utilizes your evaluation criteria to highlight candidates for your invitation list.