Welcome to RezRATE

The first screen you will encounter while using the RezRATE system is the Administrator Portal.

Screenshot of RezRate Home Page

Each section of the Administrator Portal is described below. For more information about a specific topic, click on the appropriate links within the relevant section to learn more.

Top Screen Icons

Click the blue Person-Sprocket icon located on the far left to visit your RezRATE user account settings page. From there, you can edit your personal information, add a photo, and change your password.

Clicking the circular grey Sprocket button (located next to the name of your institution) will open up a window with different fields containing your department’s contact details (phone number, email, etc). If you are an administrator with appropriate privileges, you will be able to edit these fields

On the right side of the screen, there is a Date Selector. Click these arrows to navigate between years. Changing the year will affect what dates are visible in the Interview section.

Click the red Log Out button to log out of RezRate.


Main Menu Buttons

Screen shot of home screen main menu.

The menu bar contains a row of buttons displaying the different tools available to RezRATE users.

For more information about a particular menu topic, please visit that section of the support menu (left). 


Click on the this button to begin the evaluation process. 

Clicking on a particular evaluator from the user list (if you are an administrator) or the Begin Evaluation button (if you are an evaluator) will take you to the Evaluator Portal. If you are an administrator, you can also use this tool to search for a particular person before you conduct an evaluation on their behalf. 

From the Evaluator Portal you will be able to view candidate information, begin evaluations, and modify previous evaluations.


With this tool, users can manage their department’s current roster of RezRATE users, add new members, delete members, modify user access privileges, and perform candidate evaluations on behalf of evaluators.


Users can manually add candidates to RezRATE or import them using documents derived from ERAS. They can also deactivate candidates, manage candidate details, upload supporting documentation, and assign/adjust interview dates.


Users can send emails to candidates that contain invitations, schedules, or other important details.


Create the best possible residency candidate evaluation for your program using our highly customizable template. You can import questions you’ve already created or use our default questions as a starting point.


Track your evaluators’ progress with ease. This tool provides a comprehensive breakdown of each user’s workload that displays which evaluations have been completed and what tasks are still pending for each evaluator.


Review and analyze graphs that are automatically generated using data created by evaluation results.


Easily visualize and adjust your candidates’ tentative rank order. When you’re done, RezRATE makes it easy to format the final version of the list for submission to the Match program.

Interview Sessions / Interview Dates

Screen shot of the interview date portion of the main screen.

Add Interview Date: To add an interview date or session, click the calendar icon located to the left of the green Add Date button. Select a date from the calendar. After your date has populated the text box located to the left, click the green Add Date button.

You can also add a date by typing it inside the text box. Just use the MM/DD/YYYY format and click the Add Date button.

You may add multiple sessions with the same date, but please enter a descriptive label using the 

Please note that newly created dates are both Hidden and Locked by default.  They must be unhidden in order for your candidates to be able to register for the dates.

You are able to add multiple sessions with the same date, but in order to make them unique, please enter a descriptive label using the drop down arrow on the corresponding interview date.

Please note that newly created dates are both Hidden and Locked by default.  They must be unhidden in order for your candidates to be able to register for the dates.

Screenshot of the left side of the interview block section.

On the left side of the screen, you will find a list with all the current interview season dates for which candidates have registered. 

Trash Can: Click the red Trash Can button to delete an entry from the list of Interview Dates. The trash can will appear grey if candidates have already been scheduled for that day. You must remove the scheduled candidates from that interview day before that entry can be deleted.

Interview Date Display Block: The full interview date is listed in this column. If you would like to adjust it, click on the tiny calendar icon located to the right. 

Registered Candidates: The total number of candidates who have registered themselves or been registered to interview on a specific date appears in this column.

Limit: In this block, enter the maximum number of candidates who are allowed to register for a particular date. Once that limit has been reached, no more candidates will be permitted to register for that date. 

If all the available slots in each interview day are occupied, any remaining candidates will be placed on a waitlist. This waitlist can be viewed and managed by visiting the Communications section of our support tool.

To the right of the Limit indicator, you will find a block of buttons that have the following effects:

Hide:  The ‘Eye’ icon will hide the date from candidates attempting to register for dates you have created.  The icon will be green, with no strike through for a visible date, yellow with a strike through for a hidden date, and grey for a date that has passed. (Note: Dates are hidden by default when created.)

Lock:  The lock icon will allow you to effectively freeze a date.  Candidate will no longer be able to register for the date, or register for a different date if they have registered on a locked date.  In order to change dates from a locked date, the candidate will be required to contact the Program Coordinator directly to manually move them.  (Note: Dates are locked by default when created.)

Settings:  The settings icon is where you will embed your Zoom Pro account Zoom meeting link that will function as your conference room for the day.  You can also add “Help Text” that will appear as a description to aid candidates on interview day.  An interview date can be locked or hidden from this menu as well.

On the right side of the screen, there may appear up to three different buttons associated with a particular interview date.

Candidates: Clicking on this button will take you to the Candidates section of RezRATE. From there, you will be able to view and manage information relevant to the candidates who have been scheduled for this particular interview day. 

If no candidates have been scheduled for a particular day, the Candidates button will not appear in the row associated with that date.

Print Materials: Clicking on this button will open up a menu with the following buttons:

For any interview listed, after all the relevant information has been added using RezRATE’s other functions, you can use the “Print Materials” to access a variety of pages that may be useful during an on-sight interview day.  Further information on the document types that can be found here are on our Print Materials Description page.

If none of the relevant information has been filled out yet, the Print Materials button will not appear on this screen.

Schedule: Clicking this button will take you to the Schedule Wizard screen, where you can create a schedule for the associated date. The Schedule button will turn red if the interview date has already past. 

If no candidates have registered for a particular day, the Schedule button will not appear on this screen.

Agreement Document Section

Screen shot of the agreement document tool section of the main screen.

Require Agreement: This feature can be implemented if your department maintains any standards of practice or conduct relevant to the operation of RezRATE. 

Clicking this button will make it mandatory for evaluators to read over a document outlining your standards and provide a digital “signature” indicating that they agree to maintain those standards. Users will not be able to proceed with the candidate evaluation process until they have read the agreement and consented. 

The RezRATE system will request consent only once per interview season the first time the evaluator logs into their account. 

Requiring an agreement is an optional feature. If you wish to proceed and click the Require Agreement button, three new buttons will pop up:

Screen shot of the agreement document menu options.

After you click the Upload Agreement button for the first time, a window with a heading that says “Insert” will appear. Click the Choose File button; a window will pop up that allows you to navigate the folders on your computer in order to search for your desired file. Once you have found the file you want to upload, select it and double click. The name of the file you selected should appear next to the Choose File button. After your file has been chosen, click the Import button to upload your agreement.

If an agreement has already been uploaded, click on the Upload Agreement button to replace it with a new one.

Click  on the View Agreement button to view any agreement that was previously uploaded. It will open in a new window.

Click on the View Signatures button to open up a list of all the team members who have read the current agreement and given their consent via digital signature.