Bulk Document Uploader

Documents can be uploaded to RezRATE and automatically associated with candidates in bulk. Files must first be exported from ERAS (either as a single .PDF, or as separate .PDF files). ERAS exports documents as a .zip file which must be extracted before it can be uploaded to RezRATE. for SFMatch, the only option is to export one PDF file per candidate.

Note: Candidates must exist in RezRATE and have a valid match field (ACGME ID for ERAS or SF Match ID for SF Match) before you can associate documents with them. Learn about importing candidates.

Follow these steps to extract and upload documents for your candidates:

  1. Extract the zip file from ERAS or SFMatch to your preferred file location (if you have multiple batches, one way to identify them is by using the time stamp on the file. It may be helpful to delete the .zip after extracting the files in order to avoid confusion.)

Warning: Do not rename the pdf files. The file names are used to match candidates.

  1. Extract the folders from the resulting .zip files. This is done by right-clicking the .zip file you would like to extract, and selecting "Extract here" (creates a folder with the same filename as the .zip, at the location of the .zip), or "Extract files" (allows you to choose a file path for the folder - See Screenshot for more detail).
After right-clicking and selecting "Extract here" for each file type, your folder will look similar to this.
  1. In RezRATE, navigate to the "Candidates" tab in the Administrator Portal, and click on the yellow "Import Data" button at the top of the page.  Then select the "Bulk Document Import" button.
  1. Select the correct file type from the top left of the window under the “Document Type” pull down menu.  You can then click anywhere in the open portion of the window at the right to browse for your folder.  Please break up the number of files that you upload at one time to 99 files of fewer, as more may cause an error in RezRATE. 
  1. You can drag and drop the folder (or multi-selected files if they needed to be separated into smaller portions) directly into the same area of the window that you clicked on to browse for the folders. 
  1. You should get a confirmation page that looks similar to this:
  1. If you DO NOT get a confirmation page, and RezRATE appears to hang, and only show you the list on the left side of the window, please exit the window, re-open the Bulk Document Uploader, and select the “Open in new window” button at the top right of the window.  Repeat steps 4-6 in the new window that was created.