Candidate Experience

Demonstration Links

If you would like to practice using some of RezRATE’s features, you can do so by clicking these links and exploring our online demos.

CLICK HERE to use a demo version of our Schedule Interview tool.

CLICK HERE to use a demo version of our View Schedule tool.

For step-by-step guidelines detailing how to use these tools, please consult the individual sections of this support topic.

Scheduling Your Interview

The email you received from your institution of interest should contain the following button in the message body:

screenshot of the schedule interview button

Clicking on this blue Schedule Interview! button will bring you to a screen that looks like this:

Click on all the dates for which you are available to interview to create your interview date list.

The first date you pick will be assigned as your first choice on the list.

The second will be assigned as your second choice (and so on).


screenshot of date selector list

Clicking on a day will move that entry from it’s current position to its new position in your list.

In the example below, the Wednesday, September 04, 2019 date moved from the bottom of the list to the second place spot on the user’s list.

screenshot of date selector list with multiple highlights

If you would like to “unselect” a specific date, click on it a second time. The highlighting will disappear from the date. It will be removed from your list and return to its original position.

If you would like to rearrange the order of your dates, click on the arrow-bars icon  located to the right of each date entry. 

screenshot of arrow bars

Hold the button down, drag the date entry into its new position, and drop it into place.

screenshot of next button

Once all your dates have been selected, click on the green Next button. You will be taken to a confirmation screen to finalize your choices.

Review the list of dates and click either on the yellow Modify button (to go back to the selection screen and revise your list) or the green Confirm button to confirm the current list of dates and priorities.

If you click the green button, a window will pop up confirming that your list of dates was successfully submitted. 

Viewing Your Schedule

The email you received from your institution of interest should contain the following button in the message body:

screenshot of view schedule button

After you click on that blue button, you will be taken to a schedule page that looks like this:

Some Things to Know About Your Schedule:

(+) Your schedule has been personalized for your specific interview day itinerary. It is not interchangeable with anyone else’s schedule.

(+) Your schedule can be consulted at any time. If you navigate away from the link, you can click on the link you were sent and it will return.

(+) The demo allows you to adjust the time of day so that you can see what your schedule will look like as the day progresses. To adjust the time of day, click on the drop down button that says Current Time and select a time.


Starting from the left, you you observe three different columns:

Progression Dots Column

On the day of the interview, the current time will be displayed on the top row at the far left. The number will change in real time as your interview day progresses.

The yellow dots descending from the top of the schedule will change color to blue and connect to each other (see sample photo above) as time passes. Each progress dot represents the midpoint of the time block with which it is aligned.

Time Column

This column lists the different time blocks that make up the schedule.

Schedule Column

This column lists which event corresponds with each time block. Most of them will likely have the name of an evaluator with whom you should be meeting at that time, but they might also include events like “orientation,” “lunch,” or “mixer.”


Joining a Meeting

Click on the green Join Meeting button to join a virtual interview meeting.

Declining Your Invitation

From the Interview Dates screen, you can click on the red Decline button to decline your invitation.

Doing so will take you to a new screen where you must confirm your choice:

screenshot of the decline invitation confirmation screen

Add additional comments by clicking into the Optional Comments field. The comments will be submitted to the institution that sent you your invitation.

If you don’t wish to write anything, simply click the red Decline button to confirm your selection (left).

To return to the Interview Dates screen, click the yellow Go Back button (right).