Communication Template Examples

Communication Templates are a powerful way of communicating with candidates in bulk or one on one. RezRATE provides you with multiple merge fields to help make things even easier.

The examples below are a great starting point for building your own communications templates. These templates will function without any changes, but feel free to add your own signature block or additional information.

IMPORTANT: Default Templates

Set Default Notification Templates

Default templates are used by RezRATE Slotting Automation. If you want candidates to be informed about their registered interview date or waitlist status automatically, you must configure the two defaults

First, create and save your templates – Feel free to utilize the templates below.

Second, select the templates to utilize from the Communications tool.

  • Under the “Notification Settings” button, insure that Slotting is on.
  • Select your registration confirmation template for the “Confirm successful interview date registration” dropdown menu.
  • Select your wait-list notification template for the “Confirm successful interview date registration” dropdown menu.

Example Invitation Email Template


We are pleased to invite you to interview for the Neurosurgery Residency Program at the University of Medicine and Sciences Neurosurgery.

Please click on the link below to select and rank all dates for which you are available.


Example Confirmation Email Template

{CANDFIRST} {CANDLAST}, Congratulations! You're registered to interview with the University of Medicine and Sciences department of Neurosurgery on {INTERVIEWDATE}!

You can expect to receive additional information as the date approaches.

Example Wait-List Email Template

{CANDFIRST} {CANDLAST}, Thank you for your interest in interviewing with The University of Medicine and Sciences department of Neurosurgery.


We will reach out to you if an interview slot becomes available.

Example Interview Day Schedule Template


We're excited to meet with you on {INTERVIEWDATE}!

Please click on the button below to see your personalized interview day schedule.

This link is specific to you and should not be shared with anyone else. RezRATE will provide you with notifications and links to each of your virtual interviews. Please keep the schedule page open throughout the interview day.


Adding Links to Email Templates

If you wish to include links to other materials inside the email, you can do so by simply pasting the full URL into the body of the message. You MUST include the http:// or https:// at the beginning of the URL for some email clients to make it clickable. An example of linking to the RezRATE website would simply look like: