Evaluation Status

The Evaluation Status tool will display the current status of each of your evalautors by showing which candidate evaluations they have completed, which evalautions are in progress, and which evaluations are still pending. 

screenshot of evaluator status overview


Completed: The green column (left) shows you the evaluations each evaluator has completed.

In Progress: The yellow column (middle) shows you which evaluations each evaluator has started but not yet finished.

Pending: The red column (right) shows you which evaluations have not yet been started by their evaluators.

A green checkmark will appear to the left of an evaluator’s name if they have:

1) No pending evaluations.

2) No evaluations “in progress.”

You can organize the list by clicking on the blue calendar button at the top of the screen.

The default setting is to list candidate evauation status for all dates, but you can select a single date from the drop down and visualize only the information pertaining to that particular date instead.