Prescreening Guide

The Prescreening process in RezRATE has a few steps that are defined below.  The Prescreening process in RezRATE is designed to help your program decide which of your candidates will be invited for interview.

If Prescreen is disabled, all imported candidates will be assumed to be marked for invitation.

Quick Overview

The Prescreen Process involves the following steps:

  1. Enable Prescreen for your program.
  2. Switch your program to Prescreen Mode.
  3. Make sure your Evaluation Template includes questions that are marked for prescreen.
  4. Assign Candidates to Evaluators
    • Import your candidates and any pertinent data.
    • Mark candidates for prescreen.
      • Note: You can mark candidates for invitation to skip the prescreen workflow and send the candidate an invitation. This is common for candidates that are already known to your program.
    • Assign Candidates to Evaluators for prescreen.
  5. Have evaluators review candidate data and screen applicants.
  6. Mark candidates for invitation and send invitations from the communications center.
    • Sort your candidates by prescreen score and mark your top applicants for invitation
    • Make sure you’ve created interview dates and set the appropriate registration limits.

Step 1: Enable Prescreening

The Prescreening process can be enabled by navigating to the Evaluation Template.  In the upper right corner of the screen, you will find the “Enable/Disable Prescreen” toggle.  Prescreening is disabled while this button is red.  To enable Prescreen, click the toggle  to turn it green.

Step 2: Switch to Prescreen Mode

From the main Administrator Portal, select the blue Season pulldown menu in the upper right corner of the screen.  Once selected, you will see that new buttons have been added.  One says “Prescreen Mode”, while the other says “Evaluation Mode”.

This is how you will determine which evaluation template is displayed to your Evaluators when they log into the tool.

NOTE: We do not Recommend swapping between these modes while your faculty are still completing either the Prescreen evaluation, or the interview day evaluation.  This process is designed to complete the Prescreen process first, and then the Evaluation process.

Step 3: Create your Prescreen Evaluation Template

If you navigate to the Evaluation Template once more, you will notice a few changes.  On the “Categories and Weights” tab, there is a new column that includes weights specifically for your Prescreen Evaluation.  The same rules apply to the interview day evaluation (total weight should be equal to 100%), however, you can create categories that have weights that are different from the weight on the interview day evaluation, or categories that are only used on either the Prescreen or the Evaluation.  

For example; if the Letters of Recommendation are graded more heavily during the prescreening process, and they are in their own weight category, they can have a heavier percentage of the evaluation score applied to them than on the interview day evaluation.

Additionally, on the “Evaluation Questions” tab, you will see that there are now checkmarks to denote if a question is on the Prescreen, the Evaluation, or both.  If a question appears on both the Prescreen and the Evaluation, the response that the screener gave on that specific candidate will appear for them on interview day, if they were to interview that candidate.

Step 4: Assigning Screeners to your Applicants

The fourth step is where you will assign the screeners to your applicants.  In the Candidate tab, navigate to the “Candidate List” in the upper right corner of the screen.  From here, you will want to select any, and all candidates who are going to go through the screening process.

NOTE: There are multiple ways to make selections on this screen:

  • Toggle mode: used to select individual candidates.
  • Range mode: used to select large groups.  Select the first candidate in a group, and then select the last candidate in a group, and it will select every candidate inbetween.
  • AAMCID selection (Silhouette button): The Silhouette button will bring up a blank text box.  You can copy a selection of AAMCIDs (likely from your .CSV file that you exported from ERAS), and then paste them into this text box.  RezRATE will then select each candidate whos AAMCID you provided.

Once your selection of candidates has been made, you will then use the grey “Mark Candidate” button, and select the yellow “Mark for Prescreen”.  This moves your selected candidates to the “Marked for Prescreen” tab.

From the “Marked for Prescreen” tab, you will make a selection (using the methods noted above), and then click the “Assign Prescreener(s)” button in the bottom center of the screen.  From here, you can select one or more of your faculty and then click the blue “Set Assignment” button.  This makes the selection of candidates visible to your Evaluators when they login to their RezRATE accounts.

Step 5: Screening Applicants

Your screener(s) now have the opportunity to screen your applicants when they log in.  They will be presented with a sortable list of the candidates which you assigned to them in the previous step. The screeners can click on a candidate, which will bring up the relevant information on the right side of their screen, which includes all documents and Scores and Awards which have been selected to be visible.

Your faculty can also click “Begin Evaluation” button to begin the evaluation of the candidate.

Step 6: Selecting which Candidates to Invite

In this sixth and final step, you will determine which candidates should be invited to interview with your program, out of the larger pool of applicants.

Back on the Candidate List, your screened candidates will now have a “Prescreen Score” in a column on the right side.  This column is sortable.

Sort the column from the highest score to the lowest score, and you a can select the appropriate number of candidates.  Once your candidates have been selected, click the “Mark Candidate” button again, but this time, select the green “Mark For Invite” button.

This action moves your candidates into the “Pending Invitation” pool in your Communications tab.

Select an appropriate number of your candidates from this list, select your invitation template, and then send your invitations to your candidates.  Your candidates will begin registering for the dates which you have created on the Admin Portal main page.  Once all of your candidates have been screened, you can then return to the blue Seasons dropdown menu at the upper right of the Admin Portal, and move to Evaluation Mode.