Rank List

screenshot of rank tool

There are three main sections that make up the Rank tool:

Candidate List

screenshot of candidate list

Candidates are listed according to their evaluation scores (far right).

Adjusting Candidate Order

To move a candidate up or down the list, click on the number field located next to their photo. A list of numbers will appear. Select the new numbered position that you would like the candidate to occupy on the list.

Do Not Rank 

If an evaluator applied the “Do Not Rank” label to a candidate during the evaluation process, that designation will appear in red on the rank list. The total number of evaluators who did the same will appear next to that designation.


Candidate Profile

screenshot of candidate profile

Profile Tabs

The candidate profile contains three tabs from which users can switch to learn more about a specific candidate.

Candidate Tab

The candidate tab contains scores and awards information and candidate documents, such as their CVs, letters of recommendation, and publications. Click the blue “eye” button to open the file inside the document viewer. Click on the grey “arrow” button to download it. 

Additional Information Tab

The additional information tab contains the candidate’s hobbies, interests, and lists the languages they speak.

Comments Tab

The comments tab contains the free text evaluator answers associated with any “Comments” questions included in the evaluation template. Click the blue Select Category button at the top of this section to change the answers being displayed to those associated with a different “Comments” question.

Remove from Rank

screenshot of remove from rank

Clicking the red Remove from Rank button on a candidate’s profile will place that candidate on the Removed Candidates List. After clicking the button, a pop up menu will appear asking you to confirm your choice. 

screenshot of removed candidates list

The Removed Candidates list can be accessed by clicking on the Removed Candidates button located near the bottom of the page. This button will only appear once at least one candidate has been removed.

The total number of Do Not Rank designations is indicated numerically in the red circle.

If you wish to return a candidate from Removed Candidate list back to the Rank list, simply click anywhere on their entry.

Banner Menu Options

View Charts

At the top of the Rank page, there is a blue View Charts button. 

Click this button to visit the Charts section of RezRATE. This tool enables users to see a more detailed breakdown of each candidate’s performance.

Evaluations Lock

The Evaluations Lock button is located at the bottom right side of the screen below the Candidate Profile section.

screenshot of unlocked evaluation button

It is recommended that you click on the Evaluation Lock before you begin a rank meeting. This action prevents people from filling out and completing any additional evaluations. Doing so ensures that information remains unchanged while the ranking is being adjusted.

The red button will turn colors from red to green once it has been locked. Once that happens it is safe to proceed with the process of adjusting the rank list.

Size Buttons

Click on the blue size buttons at the left bottom side of the screen to adjust how the candidate list is visualized.

screenshot of size buttons

The default setting for the rank list is Medium, but you can make it Small if you have more candidates that need to be seen all at once or Large if you would prefer to see more details about each candidate during the ranking process.

Rank Versions Button / Modification History Management

screenshot of rank versions button

The yellow Rank Versions button is located near the bottom the middle screen. When you click it, a menu will open up that contains a history of all changes made to the rank list.

This list of changes changes is called the Modification History List.

The Modification History List ensures that changes can be easily reversed and any previous “version” of the ranklist can be accessed at all times. 

screenshot of rank modification history

Using the Modification History List

Every change made to the rank list is recorded chronologically as a specific “checkpoint” within the Modification History List. The checkpoint is timestamped and labeled with the specific action that occurred during that change.

You can click on any of these checkpoints to restore the rank list to the order found in the checkpoint you selected. Clicking on a specific checkpoint will open up the following window:

screenshot of checkpoint menu

Click on the Restore button to return the rank list to the order found in that particular checkpoint.

Click the Name button to label that checkpoint with a specific name for future reference. 

Click the blue Cancel button to return to the Modification History List. 

screenshot of reset button

Resetting the Rank Order 

Click the red Resetting the Rank Order Based on Evaluation Scores button to reset the current rank order. Any alterations you have made will be “forgotten” and the rank order will revert to one based only on the evaluation scores.

screenshot of save button

Saving the Current Rank Order

Click the green Save Current Rank Version button to create a custom save with a specific name. 

All changes you make to the rank list are constantly being saved by this tool, but this save feature allows you to consciously and deliberately name the current rank list for future reference. You can also name a specific checkpoint at another time by selecting it from the Modification History List and clicking the Name button.

screenshot of export button

Exporting the Current Rank List

Click green Export Rank List to Excel (CSV) button to download the current rank list onto your computer as an Excel file. Doing so will open up a window entitled “Download Files.” 

Click on the grey button with the date that says Neurosurgery Rank List. CSV to download the file onto your computer.