RezRATE makes it easy for you to create custom schedules built around your department’s unique needs. If you run into any troubles, one of these section topics might have the answer you need.

Creating a Schedule

To create a schedule for a particular date, begin by locating your desired date on the Administrator Portal. 

Screenshot of Administrator Portal with Schedule button

Click on the blue Schedule button. Doing this will take you to the Schedule Wizard.

Using the Schedule Wizard

The Schedule Wizard can generate a customized schedule for you in three easy steps.

Step 1

First, you will be asked to set certain schedule parameters related to time.

Click into any field to adjust the length of time being listed. 

Screenshot of the first step prompt using the interview wizard

Start Time: Indicate when you would like your schedule to begin. The default time is 9:00 AM.

Interview Period: Indicate how long you would like each candidate interview to last. The default duration for interview periods is 15 minutes.

Passing Period: Indicate how much time you would like to provide so that candidates can comfortably travel between interviewers. The default duration for passing periods is minutes. 

The interview period and the passing period added together to make up a single schedule “block.” The duration of a single schedule block is listed at the bottom of the Step 1 prompt.

Step 2

Next, select the evalautors you would like to schedule for candidate interviews.

Screenshot of the second step prompt using the interview wizard

Click on any evaluator’s name to select them. The evalautors you have already selected will be highlighted in blue. Click on someone’s name a second time to deselect them. 

The total number of selected evaluators will be displayed beneath the list.

Step 3

The final step will list the total number of evaluators you have selected along with the total number of candidates associated with that day,

Screenshot of the third step prompt using the interview wizard

The Schedule Wizard will recommend a certain number of time slots for that day. You can adjust this number now or wait to see what the schedule looks like and adjust it later. The Schedule Wizard will then anticipate an end time for your interview day schedule based on your previously entered information.

If you need to make any adjustments to fields found in Step 1 or Step 2, you can make those changes now before clicking the Build button.

Click the green Build button to generate a sample schedule. 

Changes can still be made to the schedule after it has been generated. 


Managing a Schedule

Once you have completed the Schedule Wizard’s steps, a custom schedule will be generated for you. 

If you ultimately decide that some changes are needed, there are several ways to make those adjustments.

Menu Options

In the top right menu, there are several buttons that can be used to adjust the schedule or prepare for interview day.

screenshot of print materials button menu.

Click the Print Materials button to open up a menu with all the different items that can be printed out to help staff and candidates on interview day. These materials include:

Master Schedule

Candidate Badges Avery 5390

Candidate Face Sheet

Evaluator Schedules

Candidate Schedules

Candidate Evaluations


Click the Candidates button to see a detailed list with all the candidates included in this schedule.

The list will display the candidate’s schedule color coding, the name of their school, and the number of interviews they currently have on the schedule.

Screenshot of limit menu.

Click the Limit button to limit the number of interviews each candidate can have on the schedule. You can click the red minus and green plus buttons to respectively decrease or increase the limit.

If you would prefer for there not to be any limit at all, you can toggle the black switch button off. Click the button again to bring the limit back.

screenshot of generate and clear buttons.

Click the blue Generate Schedule button to generate a new schedule. This will replace the current schedule with a new schedule. 

Changes you have previously made will be lost, with the exception of blocks that have been distinguished with evaluator unavailability or custom events

Clicking the Clear Schedule button will give you two options:

Screenshot of clear schedule options.

If you click the Candidates button, only the candidate blocks will be removed from the schedule.

If you click the All button, all blocks will be erased from the schedule. This will include any blocks designated with custom events or evaluator unavailability, so be sure of your selection before proceeding.

Click the Cancel button to cancel the request and return to the current schedule.

Adjusting Time

screenshots of timeslots

At the far left of the schedule, there is a column of time slots. 

Click the block at the top of the column that contains a clock face graphic and the word “Time.”

screenshots of timeslot clock menu

A menu will appear that will allow you to adjust the block duration by changing the start time, the interview duration or the passing period duration. 

You can also insert more time slots or delete all of the current slots.

Click into any of the other blocks in the time slot column, and a different menu will open up.

screenshots of timeslot block menu

Insert Time Slots: Add timeslots to the schedule before or after the time block you clicked.

Custom Event: Designate a new row for an event. This could be used to mark off a period of time for an orientation or a lunch, for example. You can also assign a custom duration of time to this block that differs from the other blocks on the schedule (an hour rather than 20 minutes). 

Custom Duration: Click this button if you wish to change the duration of  all the blocks on this specific row.

Delete Time Slot: This option will delete the blocks located in the current row and move up to this time slot any blocks located in the row directly beneath it.

Creating a Custom Event

When you select the blue, “Custom Event” button, you will be presented with the following menu:

Event Title:  Customized title for your event.  Common titles might be “Welcome Meeting”, or “Resident Presentations”.

Room: This is an informational label that is intended for use on on-site interviews, and helps your candidate navigate your campus.  This can safely be left blank for online/Zoom interviews.

Event Duration: A custom length for this event can be input.  Often times opening welcome meetings, or presentations will need to be longer than an interview block.  This will default to the length of time you configured when generating your schedule.

Passing Period: Your custom event can have a custom passing period as well.  keep in mind, that candidates and evaluators will be able to join the next time block during the passing period.  If this field is left blank, it will default to the length of passing period you configured when generating the schedule.

Use All day Meeting: This field will match the “All Day Meeting” link that you copied into RezRATE utilizing the “Gear” icon in the main schedule page, or on the admin portal.  RezRATE recommends utilizing this “All Day Meeting” room in the majority of instances.  The button that appears on the candidate’s and evaluator’s schedule during this custom event will link them directly to your “All Day Meeting Room”.  While Zoom “Break out Rooms” can be utilized, they will require additional administrative support on your institutions end, and are also generally outside the scope of RezRATE technical support.

Use Custom Link:  If you would like your candidates to view a website, YouTube video, etc. during the custom even, the “Use Custom Link” is available.  During this time block on your candidate’s schedule, the button that appears will link directly to this link.  An example use of this might be a virtual tour of the campus that has been put together, and published on YouTube, or other platform.

Managing Candidates

screenshot of candidates section

In order to add candidates to the schedule, it is necessary to have already assigned them to a specific interview date. 

To assign (or adjust) a candidate’s interview date, go to their profile and visit the Candidates section. Scroll through the list of candidates until you find your desired candidate. 

If the schedule seems unbalanced after adding or removing candidates, it might be advisable to click the Generate Schedule button at the top of the screen. This will replace the current schedule with a new one that takes into account the changes you made.

Managing Evaluators

To add an evaluator to the schedule, click on the green “Plus” button on the far right of the schedule. This will open up a list of evaluators that can be added to the schedule. 

This list is populated by all the people in your system who have been designated as “evaluators” by your administrative staff.

Each time you select a new person, a new block will be added to that row of evaluators.

screenshot of how to remove an evaluator

To remove a particular evaluator from the schedule, just click on the block that has their name at the top of the schedule and click on the Delete Column button. 

If the schedule seems unbalanced after adding or removing evaluators, it might be advisable to click the Generate Schedule button at the top of the screen. This will replace the current schedule with a new one that takes into account the changes you made.

If you wish to set a specific time during which an evaluator will be unavailable, click red the Set Unavailability button. You will be prompted to provide a specific Start and End time, which will then be designated on the schedule as “unavailable.” 

 The RezRATE system will not schedule interviews with evaluators during times that are marked off as “unavailable.”

Screenshot of block menu options.

You can also mark a specific schedule block as being unavailable by clicking on that block and then clicking the Unavailable button.

This other button options in this pop up menu allow you to clear the block you selected or create a custom event during the block.

Creating an Evaluator Panel

Multiple evaluators can be organized into a single panel that meets with candidates as a group throughout the day. 

If you wish to organize a panel of evaluators, first select a single evaluator from the top row.

Screenshot of evaluator panel function

The names of the evaluators who are currently in the room will be highlighted in blue.


Click on another name to add that person to the evalutor panel for that column. Each name that you click to add to the panel will be highlighted in green. 

To remove somebody from the room, click their name. The name will change highlights from blue to red.

After you have finished making your selections, click the green Commit Changes button.

The last names of the evaluators in the panel will be listed at the top of their specific row.

Screenshot of evaluator panel names.

When assembling a panel, you can only add evaluators who are not currently on the schedule.

If the evaluators you wish to add are on the schedule, they must first be removed from the schedule before they can be added together with another evalautor. 

You can remove an evalautor from the schedule by clicking on their evaluator block and selecting the Delete Column button. This will remove them (and all their interviews) from the schedule. 

Setting your All Day Zoom Meeting Link

Your “All Day” meeting room, or “Conference Room” link can be set either on the front Admin Portal or on the Schedule Wizard by using Gear Icon.  Please use this guide for further details of working in the Zoom application to set up and find the appropriate link.

What is the All Day Meeting Link used for?

The All Day Meeting Link is the destination attached to a variety of meetings on your schedule.

This is the default link for any custom events such as your morning welcome. You can use a different link for each custom meeting if needed. You’ll see that option when you create your custom event.

It serves as your break room throughout the day. You can hang out in this room and invite existing residents to have conversations with applicants while they’re on break.

RezRATE Candidate Schedule Header

Evaluators have access to this link at any time by clicking the gear icon in the header on the Evaluator Portal.

Evaluator Header Menu Options