Bottom Screen Menu Options

Size Buttons

Click on the blue size buttons at the left bottom side of the screen to adjust how the candidate list is visualized.

screenshot of size buttons

The default setting for the rank list is Medium, but you can make it Small if you have more candidates that need to be seen all at once or Large if you would prefer to see more details about each candidate during the ranking process.

Date Display Button

The Scores tool will default to displaying all candidates managed during a particular year, but that setting can be changed.

If you want to adjust which candidates are being displayed on your screen according to the their respective interview dates, click the blue calendar button in the bottom right hand corner that says: Showing All [YEAR] Dates.

screenshot of date display

After you click the button, a window will open with a list of all candidate interview dates.

screenshot of scores page date selector

Selecting a date will change the graph so that it displays content reflecting only the candidates who were evaluated on that date.

Click on the Date Display button again to change the view to another date or to display all available dates. From the menu, simply click on your new date or the Show All Dates button.

screenshot of the date display menu

Managing Charts

You can click between the tabs in the menu at the top of the screen to adjust which scores are visualized below. The default displayed score is the stacked score.

screenshot of stacked scores

Click on any other tab to see the scores accumulated within that individual category.